Nick Good

Once upon a time, I kept a Chipmunk as a pet. I had him in a cage in my room. He would spend every second of his waking hours passionately and feverishly trying to find a way out of that cage. I had fashioned a small leather jacket for him, from which I could tie a leash. Imagining that I could tame him somehow and take him for walks outside. Every time we would venture out he would simply fling himself in every direction in his ceaseless desire to escape. Eventually I set him free.

We all have something inside of us that yearns unceasingly for its freedom. I am in touch with it. It is my spirit and it is the spirit of life. The world today is calling each of us to heed the cry of our inner yearnings and to open the cages of our closed hearts and minds. It is time for us all to break free from the chains of misconception and dissolve the shackles and fetters of our false and ignorant judgments and denial of the true greatness of ourselves. Life is a wonderful and amazing journey. If you are not experiencing it as such then it is time for you live it that way.

We all face challenges in life. Challenges are a natural and necessary part of growing. There is no genuine, authentic evolution of consciousness without challenge. The challenges we all face today in the modern world are fast assuming the appearance of overwhelming and impossible to meet proportions.

There are many tales, stories and legends of heroes who surmounted impossible odds and accomplished extraordinary feats and deeds of valor. Some of them are history, some of them are myth, all of them are true. The reason why they are true is because they are communicating the most vital message that you should well understand. The immense difficulties and trials humanity is facing today and the shocking revelations of the powers of darkness active in the world are throwing down the gauntlet in front of us all. The big question is, will you pick it up?

Rather than waste time in our petty judgments and political debates we should see the immense opportunity which is presenting itself here; in order for us to demonstrate our true greatness we need an impossible puzzle to solve; in order for us to shine with our true brightness, we need an equivalent amount of darkness in which to blaze; in order for us to demonstrate our true strength we need an impossible foe to wrestle and in order to express the power of Love that we are, we need an unforgivable wound to forgive.

Life is not a little game. It is a big one. Life is not a cheap, soap opera sitcom, it is a soul shuddering epic event. You are being called to face your personal challenges and we are being called to face our collective challenges together for the raising of the consciousness of the world. In the same spirit that David met Goliath, Jesus met the cross, Skywalker met Vadar and Avatar defeated the machine, we must, like Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurushetra, wipe the tears of ignorance from our eyes and see the world for what it truly is. Like reluctant Hobbits facing the hordes of Mordor we are looking for the savior in someone else but all these challenges, unbeknown to so many, are initiations of consciousness, for the benefit of soul.

Nick Good

Life for me is the journey of a spiritual warrior. This journey, this quest, is a series of initiations through trials, tests and challenges. The soul is deeply embedded in the fertile substance of creation and we are being called to reveal our true greatness. I specialize in assisting you in this process. Please contact me if you feel you would benefit from my support

The truth of it is that the path of personal empowerment is via an effective daily practice. Without practice we are merely theorists, intellectuals or philosophers. What the world needs are spiritual warriors who are blazing with purpose. Individuals who are on a mission and they allow nothing to distract them from achieving their goals.

Living ones soul purpose. Fulfilling ones destiny. That’s what Life is really all about. If you want to drop into the most potent practice I am aware of in the world today then check out Angel Qi Gong and get on the program. It’s amazing!

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell which encloses your understanding.”