Ultimate Focus

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Welcome to Ultimate Focus! This package contains an empowering blend of deeply inspiring ancient wisdom blended with leading edge personal empowerment strategies.

Including a clear and simple step by step guide how to use it, I have personally assembled the best strategies I know in order to help you find the space and state within you in order for you to shine your brightest and fulfil your destiny.

Now it's up to YOU.

Taking control of our lives requires focus and the focus is the breath. A doorway of freedom and empowerment exists within us but in order to find it we need to follow the path of the breath.

The path leads to the door. Stillness opens the door. Stillness is the key. In order to experience inner Stillness we need an anchor point of focus. This focus is developed very effectively through the practices within this package.

No matter how scattered and battered you may feel, Take heart, your freedom and peace is only ever a breath away. Practice makes perfect. It’s all in the practice.

Includes: 3 ZIP Files with the following contents. (If you have any trouble opening them you will need to download a free App to open Zip files such as Win Zip. Simply download the App then open the files)

Step 1

  • How to Use PDF
  • Introduction - How to Live Your Life Purpose and Fulfil Your Destiny MP3
  • Full Power Program MP3
  • Wisdom – Questions and Answers MP3 x 6

Step 2

  • Sitting or Lying Meditations MP3 x 2
  • Walking Meditation MP3 x 2

Step 3

  • Deep Personal Healing MP3 x 3
  • Power of Prayer MP3 x 2 plus 1 PDF

Bonus Gifts

  • Ultimate Focus Film Soundtrack MP3
  • Ultimate Focus Book – Transcript from Film PDF
  • Freedom and Peace Audio Collection MP3 x 6