The Synchronicity Point

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A transformational program including meditation and deep contemplation , designed for men and very empowering for women.

Extracted from The Synchronicity Point - The Book for Men Every Woman Must Read

Men have a unique part to play in the transformation of Humanity. Women everywhere are rising up. They are being called and hordes of them are answering the call.

The natural inherent sensitivity of the feminine and their lighter pre- disposition gives women a massive head-start over men in the natural connection to the subtle, invisible elements of Life.

Men are being called to hold something sacred and eternal for the women, something that women do not inherently, naturally, easily embody. This is where men have the advantage. But they must be certain about who they are. Beyond thought and talk, beyond the body, mind, emotion landscape, deeper, in the epicenter of our being, there is a point. A Synchronicity Point. A portal, a nexus point, beyond which Infinite Spiritual Presence exists. This point is inside us, at the core of us all.

The masculine warrior predisposition to focus awareness like an arrow, to anchor like the sword in the stone, to burn like a flaming spear, to stand erect, unflinching, in the core certainty of who he eternally is, is what women need more than anything now from men.

As an explorative, inquisitive feeling creature, she dances in an ever- shifting feeling environment within herself. If trapped in the body mind emotion world she becomes the victim of repeating patterns, coming in waves, one moment lifting her up, the next taking her down. Sometimes floating in peace, sometimes being drowned.

In a man she needs solid, soul deep, unwavering presence. A man who knows himself beyond talk and thought. A man who is burning with the certainty of who he is within the eternal scheme of things. Relaxed, soul-heart centered, ungrasping, solid and free.

It is in the presence of this kind of a man that she can truly know herself.