Meditations: Understanding & Practicing the Power of Prayer

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Meditations 2.0-2.2:
The Power of Prayer

Super Charge Your Soul

An Introductory Guidebook PDF with a collection of prayers curated and recited by Nick Good and Howard Wills.

Selected Extracts from Exploring New Realms of Healing – available at

Meditations 2.3-2.7
Love Jesus, Can't Stand Religion?

This document is to bring clarity to a subject so controversial and positively explosive that the forces of darkness at work in this world have, for centuries, been in overdrive to confuse, distort, deny and destroy it’s understanding and practical application.

A little over 2000 years ago something happened, the significance of which has impacted the course of modern history like nothing else ever has.

Everything we are looking for already exists within us. A living code exists in the human spirit, it has been there since before the foundation of the world and will be there long after it has gone – if we can love that possibility and stand in the certainty of it’s being within us then a wonderful promise is fulfilled.

We stand upon the precipice of a great divide – this book is for those of us feeling a call and are ready to arc like an immortal spark across the gap between falsehood and a Living Truth which exists eternally within us as who we truly are.

To read more download the PDF file below and follow the instructions to the practice contained in the audio files that follow.

If you want to get straight into the audio files feel free to do so and use the PDF as a study guide. The audio files stand alone in their own power, however there may be concepts and terms with which you are unfamiliar. The understanding lies in the study of the PDF. The power is in the practice. Absorb the wisdom and practice daily these powerful meditations.

Enjoy the Truth, Love and Power of Life.