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We are all programmed and conditioned to one degree or another. Changing our experience of life requires changing the belief systems we have embedded within us.

Begin by immersing yourself in the information I am sharing. Listen to the audio files, make notes. Have them on in the background all the time. Absolutely flood yourself with this new information and keep doing it for the duration of this program but get super focused on it over these first three days.

Part One: Wisdom & Practice

Part Two: Freedom & Peace - Understanding the playing field and the nature of the Game of Life

One of the most amazing facts of life is that what we are looking for is already inside of us, phrased more succinctly, it is who we actually are. So the simple secret is : instead of trying to add to yourself, simply relax into a deeper experience of who you actually are and surrender this masquerade of a persona your ego would like you to own.

Contained are a series of audio files called Freedom and Peace. The information contained within it reinforces and underpins the statement I just made. Your mission is to listen to these audio files one at a time. Simply listen to part one then STOP. Make notes and then re-listen to part one and make more notes. Repeat this exercise three times. Then move on to Part 2 and repeat the whole sequence. Listen to it 3 times over, making new notes each time. When you have done this for each of the 6 files.

Part Three: Wisdom vs Knowledge

Knowledge is a wonderful thing but true power comes from wisdom – the application of knowledge over a long period of time. In the Education section of my website you will find the fruits of wisdom I have harvested from decades of applied knowledge. This is truly a wonderful gift. Enjoy in joy.