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Healing is a feeling! Explore your inner worlds bringing love, peace and stillness to embody the presence of healing and learn how to direct that for the benefit of others.

In connecting to our innate inner wisdom and capacity for unlimited, unconditional love, we learn to hold space for deep personal healing, and to radiate the essence of healing out into the world – into our circle of friends, our families, our communities and beyond.

Discover the quick and powerful tools to create massive shifts in your own and others lives by embodying a natural truth – that we are interdependent, heart-centered beings designed for lasting and uplifting connection to one another and to self.

If you want to uncover your own inherent ability to heal yourself, your past, your heart, mind and spirit, and walk with gentle strength and resilience in this world, and offer the beautiful gift of your loving presence to others – this is the experience for you!

*Typically I charge $200 for a consult, however, if you are in need of a healing session and you are in any way financially challenged, then you can pay what is affordable for you.