Deepening Focus - 9 Breaths of Amazing Grace

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Deepening Focus : 9 Breaths of Amazing Grace - a 9 day process

Develop Total Focus in Higher Consciousness and Awareness

One of the most comprehensive and potent tools you can use if you are interested in absorbing high frequency information that will literally drench your psyche to facilitate a neurological transformation.

Enlightenment is both a choice and a process. It takes around 40 days of constant exposure to new information, repeated daily, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night, to literally shift the neural web into completely new patterns.

The consequence of this is a completely different electro-chemical cellular interface. By re-conditioning our minds we can literally transform our entire biology. It all begins in the mind.

This series of audio files is designed to assist this transformation and develop incredible focus and concentration on some of the most profoundly empowering facets of truth available in the world today.

In this package you will receive empowering audio files complete with a series of 9 breath meditations to develop total focus in higher consciousness and awareness.