Gene Keys Soul Readings

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We all have a destiny. But most of us are victims of our fate. The difference is in the knowledge of Self. You are not the physical body. You are not the mind. You are not the emotions which go with that mind and body. So, who are you? What are you?

Gene Keys soul readings shed insight into the answer to this question and define a very clear and specific map for you, as an individual, to lift yourself out of a shadow world. The shadow world is the egos domain. The ego is the experience of consciousness as it loses the feeling connection with its spiritual nature and identifies with the physical body as this is who I am.

Gene Keys soul readings provide a detailed movement, showing very clearly, how you are uniquely designed. The journey you are on and the potential which exists for you if you are prefer to fulfil your destiny rather than a victim of your fate.

Fate is the egos road. Destiny is the path of the conscious creator.

Gene Keys soul readings reveal the specific contact points of your consciousness with the energy of the world. Your Life’s work, the evolutionary process you are born to undertake, what makes you truly shine, your Life Purpose. Gene Keys soul readings reveal the mystery of your inner world – how you attract who you attract, the way to relate, your mental, emotional, spiritual potential and the very nature of your core wound, all this and much more.

My name is Nick Good and I can show you how to use this information and read a critical map, perhaps the most important map you will ever read, the map which guides you from fate into destiny.

The Gene Keys Golden Path is a program that sheds light on your deepest potential. By helping you to embrace your shadows and recognise your gifts, it guides you towards a simpler and more peaceful way of being.

Based on the book, ‘Gene Keys – unlocking the higher purpose hidden in your DNA’, the Golden Path uses a combination of I-Ching lines and Gene Keys to create a ‘Hologenetic Profile’ which leads you through consecutive insights about your life purpose, relationships and prosperity.

The Golden Path is divided into 3 ‘sequences’: The Activation Sequence, The Venus Sequence and The Pearl Sequence.

As you apply the insights from the Gene Keys and your Profile to your life, you will literally reprogram your DNA with a new higher vision of yourself. Then you can simply watch as your new life begins to manifest. How far you go is limited only by your own imagination!

Richard Rudd ~ founder of Gene Keys